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New Zealand

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5th stop: New Zealand

  • Population: 4,393,443 (2010)
  • Density: 16.1/km2 41.6/sq mi
  • GDP: 115,412 billion
  • language: English

New Zealand is beautiful. I love the view; I don't think I ever want to leave. I arrived in the afternoon. I loved the south island national parks tour. I got to see a lot of amazing sights. we traveled from christchurch through Kaikoura to abel Tasman national park. It was a full day nature cruise that I want to do again. Also while I was here I went to kiwis. Kiwis are very friendly and always cheerful and helpful.

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sydney-ope..e-tours.jpg4th stop: Sydney

  • Population: 4,504,469 (2006)
  • GDP: 2058/km2 (5,330.2/sq mi)
  • Density:
  • Language:

I came to find Nemo, just kidding. Sydney is a beautiful place. I arrived a night time, the way the city lights reflected off the ocean water. I stood by the ocean for awhile just dazing about the beautiful sight. the first place i visited was the Sydney opera house, It's a multi-venue performing arts centre. Its pretty cool inside. But I really loved the outside. The architecture was amazing. At Night it was the beautiful sight to see. We stood and watched a play called 'catz'. I had fun.

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3rd stop: Thailand

  • Population:65,998,436 (2010)
  • GDP: 263,889 billion
  • density: 132.1/km2 342/sq mi
  • Language: Thai

Thailand is bordered to the north by Burma and Laos. the first place i had to go check out was the ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram. It is royal temple where the king and his successors performed religious ceremonies. It looked amazing, I really admire the architecture of this building. Whoever built it had a great eye for designing. I have to admit i was terrified to walk in there; because the building is so old. it was built in 1630. I really had fun in Thailand

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2nd stop: Venice

  • Population: 270,660 (2009)
  • GDP: 1,740 trillion
  • Density: 652.9/km2 (1,690.9/sq mi)
  • Language: Italian

I chose Venice because Ive always wanted to ride in a canal down the lagoon. Nevertheless, i Heard Venice greatest an beautiful cities of art. When i arrived the sun had just come up. I was so excited and tired at the same time, it wasn't even funny. the first place i decided to visit was La Fenice, Italy's operahouse.It was beautiful inside and huge too; I could hear an echo. Next i decide to check out the shopping centre here, which was pretty intense because venice is one of the major shopping place in italy. There was alot of people and alot of stairs. My trip to venice was fun.

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First stop: Spain.

  • Population: 46,030,109
  • GDP: 1,360 trillion (2009)
  • Density: 93km2 231/sq mi
  • Language: spanish

Spain located in southwestern Europe. I chose this country because I heard it was the most romantic places in the world. I arrived in Zaragosa at night, it was beautiful. The way the basilica stands out; I just had to go see it. A basilica is a catholic church built by Romans, its used for religious purposes. the inside was amazing all the gold artifacts on the wall. I've never seen such a beautiful church, our churches back at home (Denver) are nothing compared to this church in Zaragosa.

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